The best way

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Why a Wedding Film?

It's only the most important day of your life. Capture every moment!

Forget the term "wedding video" as that brings to mind painful memories of poorly lit, grainy and often out of focus VHS tapes with terribly unforgiving audio.


A wedding film will capture not only all the sights, but also all the sounds, the emotion and all the love of the day in high definition as only today's high end professional technology can provide. 

A wedding film goes far beyond traditional photography.  It delivers your wedding day back to you in such a dynamic way that you feel like you are there again.

Many couples say they saw more of their wedding day on the film than they did being there.  For example, the bride will plan her entire processional and never see it because she is the last one down the isle.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime gathering of friends and family.  Nothing can make you remember the excitement better than an excellent wedding film.  The emotions, the people, the feelings, the joy, the fun, the places and the times are what make up life's most important milestones. 

When our couples view their film, they become emotionally involved.  They actually relive the moments along with the emotions.

Why Fiji Film Studios?

Passion and Experience.

As husband and wife, Craig and Teri share a passion for wedding films.  Every wedding is its own love story and we look to capture that love thru our lenses. Wedding films are the most stressful projects we work on but also by far the most exciting. The drive home following a long day of shooting is always shortened by excited discussion of what was captured and how next we will incorporate all the shots in editing.  How the images will eventually unfold into a meaningful and creative love story on film.

Even though we have shot over 100 weddings and feel we have seen it all, every now and then an issue pops up and surprises us.  It's our experience that reminds us to be ready for anything. Our experience demands that we attend the dress rehearsal to know about camera and microphone placement as well as available lighting.  It's experience that has required us to invest in back-up equipment because we know that any piece of electronic equipment could fail at any given moment without any notice. 

You certainly could have your buddy from collage bring his new video camera and tape your wedding but we can guarantee he will not have the equipment or expertise to capture what is, with a doubt, the most important day of your life.  Is this a job for an amateur or professional?

Please Don't Wait!

We're Already Booking for Next Year

It's heartbreaking for us to have to tell a bride, "We're so sorry, we are already booked for that date".  With so few videographers in the area, our schedule fills up real fast.  Your film crew should be the second vendor you book right after your venue.  There are quite literally dozens of photographers, DJ's, florists, caterers and even venues. However, there are so few videographers.  If you want your day captured, book early!

Also, it's a good idea to put us at the top of your budget. Think about this.  At the end of the day, the flowers will wilt, the cake will be eaten, the food will be consumed, the DJ is heading home, the venue will be locking its doors behind you, your dress will be boxed up and the tux will have to be returned.  You've spent a ton of money and now what do you have to show for it?  The only tangible keepsake memory is your wedding film.  The film you will enjoy for years to come.  The film you will someday show your children and even your grandchildren.

What do you get for your investment?

Probably more than you expect.


Minimum Two Videographers

No Time Limits

No Camera Limits

All Day Coverage

High Definition BBC Broadcast Quality Cameras

Wireless Lavalier Microphones

Drone Footage Available

DVD or Blu-Ray

Video Messages From Your Family and Friends



Minimum Two Videographers

   We will always have 2 professional videographers on hand.  Occasionally we will use a third videographer if we feel we need the      extra hand at no additional expense to you.

No Time Limits

   Your wedding day is the entire day.  We will be with you in the morning while your hair and nails are getting done, through the entire day of events, right up until the last event of your reception is finished.  We are usually packing up with the DJ at the end of the night.

No Camera Limits

    We will always use two broadcast (BBC) quality, high definition cameras.  Depending on the venue, we will bring a third and sometimes even a fourth.  It all depends on what we feel we need to sufficiently capture your special day

All Day Coverage

   Not only will we be with you all day, but we also show up for the dress rehearsal.  This is our opportunity to speak with the officiant, check lighting and camera angles and start getting to know your families and bridal party.


   We are currently shooting with professional Canon equipment that has been approved by the BBC for broadcast.  Our professional Audio Technica and Azden microphones are the best choice for capturing every spoken word.  We also have a certified and licensed drone pilot on staff for capturing amazing ariel footage if required.

DVD or Blu-Ray

   We can deliver your wedding film on DVD or high definition Blu-Ray.  A minimum of 4 copies is always included in your investment.  You should keep a couple copes for yourself and each of your parents would love a copy for themselves.

Video Messages

   After all the events at the reception are wrapped up, we set up a camera and invite your family and friends to leave you a special video message.  It's like a photo booth but better.  For one, it's included in your investment, and two, there is audio, so you can see and hear that special message from your guests.  As you can imagine, messages range all the way from emotional to hysterical.  Always a huge hit with the guests.

The rest of this info box is under construction


Your Investment

The best value around!

Here is what you have been looking for.  What does it cost to have  an entire wedding event professionally captured and have it edited into a beautiful

wedding film?

For the 2020 season, we charge $2,450.00 for everything listed above.  We don't do "packages" and here is why.  Packages are broken down into smaller coverages.  However, your wedding day is your entire day and we don't want to miss even a moment of it.  Also, if you compare everything we offer, you will find that our pricing carries a much better value than most "top packages" offered by other videographers. 

A $400.00 deposit is required to secure your wedding date with the final $2,050.00 due before the wedding day. 

Let's sweeten that offer a little bit.  New this year, we are offering to defer the final $500.00 payment until after the wedding.  Every vendor you speak with will want your payment in full before the wedding date.  With us, you can pay the final $500 when you pick up your wedding film.  You are spending so much money for the other things, that we thought it would be easier to spread your investment out.  Many couples have opted for this offer and seem to really appreciate the gesture. 

Of course we accept all major credit and debit cards.

And Finally

Your Next Step

Call us to check our availability.  If we have your date available, we'll set up an appointment to meet with you where we'll  give you more information than you ever will need and answer every question you have.  You want to feel comfortable with the people you hire to capture the most important day of your life.  You can reach us at (269) 930-2199 or head over to our Contact page and send us a message.  Can't wait to meet with you!

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