Everyone has a story.
let us bring yours back to life
for video

Imagine if you could capture all of the stories that make your family unique in a professionally produced film interview that could be cherished for decades.  Go beyond photos, genealogy, and the family tree and keep that treasured family history alive with a Legacy Film.

Think about this.  Do you remember the first names of your great grandparents?  It's rare that someone does.  Even if you do, how much of their legacy and experience have been passed down through your family's history?  How much do you know about who they were, how they lived, what they accomplished and what they believed?  How many of your previous generations copious and valuable life lessons were lost in their passing?

We live in amazing times...times which allow us to memorialize our legacy in ways that were not available to previous generations, which is why Fiji Film Studios Legacy Films exists.


We will sit down with you for about an hour and draw out the stories that have made you who you are.  We'll talk about where you grew up, and what it was like to be a kid in your neighborhood.  We'll explore all the important events in your life and capture all the stories that you want your loved ones to know and remember about you.


We will then edit our interview into a film complete with additional pictures that tell the story of your life.  In your own words.


Your family will have this information for years to come to share with each other and remember all the great stories that describes you in a way that only you can tell.

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